Volunteers and interns have been an integral part of DUNK’s success. With years of experience in hosting and working with international volunteers, our team delivers a life-changing experience while putting your skills and talents to good use in order to enrich the lives of the children of Accra, while exploring the beautiful cultures of Ghana.


1. Complete and submit (via e-mail) the Volunteer Registration Form to initiate the placement process.

2. DUNK will confirm receipt of your application within 2 working days. If you do not hear from us please get in touch to ensure we received your application.

3. Our team will review your application and contact you within two weeks to discuss your interests, potential volunteer projects, and how they align with the current needs of the organization.

4. Once a match is made, you will receive an e-mail containing the next steps in the process including our Volunteer Orientation Packet (introduction to the culture, tips on packing and traveling, what to expect, etc.). At this time we will also finalize your travel dates based on your availability.

5. Prior to your departure, we will send you a detailed description of your Volunteer Project Assignment including the location of your Project.



Contact us for further information:



We believe the children can influence change in their community.
In any collective sport, players have to work hand in hand to achieve a common goal. The victory depends on the effort of all.
Players have to commit themselves to train on specific days & make sacrifices for the benefit of the team.
Coming from different backgrounds, we learn how to respect individual differences as well as respect the rules established by the team.
We are teaching the kids to trust in themselves, to stand up for what they believe and resist peer pressure.