Our academic-support program allows us to identify at-risk children and to enrol them back into locals schools. Once the children are becoming committed to the sporting activities we provide, we then introduce our after-school classes. It is a requirement for all children involved in our sports-programs to be enrolled in school. Through partnerships with the schools and with support from parents, our members school-report cards are collected and one-on-one assistance is given to the ones that need help with Math, Science and English by our professional teachers and volunteers. Excelling students are also granted school support in the form of supplies or fees paid (Scholarship). Furthermore, thorough background checks are conducted to re-enroll drop-outs back into school through our sponsor-a-child project.

We believe the children can influence change in their community.
In any collective sport, players have to work hand in hand to achieve a common goal. The victory depends on the effort of all.
Players have to commit themselves to train on specific days & make sacrifices for the benefit of the team.
Coming from different backgrounds, we learn how to respect individual differences as well as respect the rules established by the team.
We are teaching the kids to trust in themselves, to stand up for what they believe and resist peer pressure.