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DUNK is under construction of a Sport and Development Centre in Jamestown, a deprived community from Accra, stroke by unemployment, violence and illiteracy. This center will be composed of sporting facilities and classrooms. DUNK is using Basketball as a way to enhance socialization between youth from different backgrounds and encourage youth in impoverished areas to excel in their classroom.projdoc33

This center will give 250 kids an opportunity to have a better life. Through sports, academic support (Education) and personal development, these children will be encouraged to become agents of change in their community. This project is a replicate of DUNK’s Nima Project where 89% of members have improved in Math and English. 88% of parents have mentioned positive change in their children’s behavior. Members were crowned 2013 league champs (U13), 2014 LCS Champs.


Welcome to Jamestown

      estimated population 80,000
      average income $ 78.83 per month
      55.74% of the population 24 years old
      30,000 children between 5-19
      13 kindergardens
      13 Primary schools
      8 junior high schools

very few organized activities

We believe the children can influence change in their community.
In any collective sport, players have to work hand in hand to achieve a common goal. The victory depends on the effort of all.
Players have to commit themselves to train on specific days & make sacrifices for the benefit of the team.
Coming from different backgrounds, we learn how to respect individual differences as well as respect the rules established by the team.
We are teaching the kids to trust in themselves, to stand up for what they believe and resist peer pressure.