Developing Unity, Nurturing Knowledge

Two-basketball enthusiast founded DUNK then called (ABaCoDe) as social movement in 2010 to give back and productively occupy the time of children from the Nima community.

Mohammed (Born & raised Ghanaian) who was then playing for a Club team after high school met Marie-Eve (born & raised) Canadian, who was working in Ghana for a child’s right organization.

The two jointly developed a 10 weekend voluntary project after seeing the increase number of children hanging around the playground with little to no attention given.
Mohammed and Marie-eve offered free fun basketball lessons for children and youth from the surroundings. With little funding from family and friends, they bought 5 balls, gathered some volunteers and bought snacks and water for the kids. The first Saturday, they had 80 children present and like this, the story began.

The founders today; Mohammed is still running the organization in Ghana and moved its’ main center to Jamestown in 2016, Marie-Eve moved back to Canada to care of their son Jayden and also supports the organization when needed as an external advisor.

DUNK at is it today is registered as a charity (NGO) with the Registrar General, Department of Social Welfare and the Ghana Education Service.

DUNK is regulated by a group of young and able individuals across the world who have immense knowledge and skills in their respective professions. This group is herein referred to as Board of Advisors.

The Board members have influence and ethical responsibility by providing expertise; creating connections to ensure that the organization does the best work possible in pursuitof its goal.

This position is voluntarily and not paid; however, personnel are required to commit a minimum of 6 -12 monthsand 3 hours a week to the development and progress of the organization.


OUR LOCAL TEAM DUNK employs and empowers young adults from Ghana by providing guidance and organizing capacity building workshops to equip them to take leadership roles and mentor children in their community. DUNK also provides internship opportunities for children who are graduating the DUNK program and other potential individuals. All DUNK staff are locals driven by passion for change.