Marie-Eve Lemieux

Marie-Eve Lemieux, the Co-founder of DUNK (formerly known as ABaCoDe Ghana), was born and raised in Canada. In March 2010, she came to Ghana for one year with “Child’s Right International” as a ‘Program Development Advisor’. Meeting Mohammed turned her journey in Ghana into a 4-year engagement. Together Mohammed and Marie-Eve had the idea of organizing fun Saturday Basketball lessons for children and youth from the surroundings. With little funding from family and friends, they bought 5 balls, gathered some volunteers and bought snacks and water for the kids. The first Saturday, they had 80 children present and like this, the story began.

Mohammed S. Tahir

Mohammed Tahir, the other Co-founder of DUNK and today’s Program Manager (formerly known as ABaCoDe). He was born and raised in Accra, Ghana and graduated from high school in 2008 with high hopes of traveling overseas to pursue education on a basketball scholarship. As it is very common in Ghana, coaches and agents will take young players under their wings, make false promises and take their money; Mohammed was a victim of a story like that. But instead of giving up – he started to organize Basketball Lessons from his experiences to prevent other kids from the same fate.

The founders in the year 2016

Mohammed is still running the organization in Ghana, Marie-Eve moved back to Canada and is doing administrational work from her home in Canada and taking care of their son Jayden.

Mohammed in Accra, Ghana

Marie-Eve with Jayden
in Canada!

mo eve-photo-and-jayden-ii
We believe the children can influence change in their community.
In any collective sport, players have to work hand in hand to achieve a common goal. The victory depends on the effort of all.
Players have to commit themselves to train on specific days & make sacrifices for the benefit of the team.
Coming from different backgrounds, we learn how to respect individual differences as well as respect the rules established by the team.
We are teaching the kids to trust in themselves, to stand up for what they believe and resist peer pressure.