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Childhood is defined very differently in Africa-Ghana. Children grow out of their childhood very quickly and some will never have the chance of experiencing ‘childhood’. Whether they live on the streets or they have to work to support their families, children have little time to rest, play or learn. DUNK- Standing for Developing Unity Nurturing Knowledge gives the children from Nima and Jamestown; two of the most deprived communities, an opportunity to play, learn and grow in a safe and healthy environment using sports as a hook. Join our great mission – donate to our program or work as a volunteer in Ghana or from all over the world!
Yours sincerely,
Mohammed Tahir
Program Manager, DUNK !
info [at] dunkgrassroots.org

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16 years old


12 years old


12 years old


12 years old

We believe the children can influence change in their community.
In any collective sport, players have to work hand in hand to achieve a common goal. The victory depends on the effort of all.
Commitment and Perseverance
Players have to commit themselves to train on specific days and make sacrifices for the benefit of the team.
Coming from different backgrounds, we learn how to respect individual differences as well as respect the rules established by the team.
We are teaching the kids to trust in themselves, to stand up for what they believe and resist peer pressure.